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Carpet Cleaning & Repair Services

Cleaning, Repairing, Stretching and More

Get powerful results with hot water extraction to remove dirt & allergens and refresh your carpet. 

We use safe and effective carpet cleaning formulas for a better clean, fresher smell, faster dry and no residue left behind.  

Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpet and offers an appealing freshness to your home or business! 

  Upholstery Cleaning  

We offer low moisture cleaning for couches, loveseats, recliners, sectionals, dining room chairs, kids furniture, mattresses and more! 

Why buy new when you can remove dirt, oils, stains and refresh your furniture! 

Our IICRC certified technicians specialize in a range of materials used for different kinds of upholstery. 

  Tile & Grout Cleaning  

We offer cleaning, repair and polish treatments for residential and commercial tile, because even the highest quality tile and stone products dull over time with traffic and sunfading. 

We use hot water extraction to clean hidden dirt and restore your tile. 

Save money by repairing rather than replacing your damaged carpet!


Whether you're dealing with stains, burns, tears, bleach spots, pet damage, fraying, failing seams, ripples or other issues... we can make it look and feel like it's new.


We are IICRC certified repair technicians.

  Carpet Dyeing   

Whether your carpet has experienced color loss or damage from UV light, stains, bleach spots, or pet stains, we can restore your carpet to look almost like new and make it last. 


We offer safe, simple and effective solutions for permanently eliminating your spots through dyeing. 

We have multiple carpet dyeing certifications 

  Rug Cleaning & Repair  

Many of the best rugs in the world are hand-woven and hand-dyed using Old World techniques. The rug could be a family heirloom, a prized find from a flea market, or a special memento purchased while on vacation.


Each is an individual work of art. We are your rug cleaning specialist!

We fix ripples, bumps and wrinkles with the right tools to make your carpet look and feel almost like new.


We can repair or replace tack strips and overcome improper installation or issues that come with aging.


We use power stretchers, something some installers fail to use, so let us help you fix a poorly installed carpet. 

  Animal Odor Treatment  

Pet stains are HARD on carpet, they go deep into the fibers, pads and even to the subfloor and aren't easy to remove with spot treatments.


We offer a few levels of animal odor removal to get to the bottom of the problem!  

We are IICRC Certified carpet cleaners with the right solutions and certifications to handle your pet stains

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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

First, we will inspect the carpet, paying careful attention to areas that might need more work than others. In this step, we can give you all the details on how the carpet will look after cleaning.

Next, we'll vacuum the carpet and then pretreat the carpet, as well as treat all your additional problem areas with our pre-spray to remove stubborn stains and soil left from spills.

We'll use our hot water extraction cleaning system to deep clean and completely revitalize your carpets, removing dirt, spots and odors. 

Our patented and original process for cleaning your carpet will ensure that there aren't any chemical residues left behind.

Your carpet will dry in 4-6 hours, allowing you to move back your furniture and walk on your carpet in the same day! 

  Before and After Gallery  

  • How much do you charge?
    $60 per room/area ~$145 minimum service fee. *Restorative cleaning, animal treatment, hallways, stairs, upper floors, walk-in closets, stain treatment or rooms that exceed 200sf are subject to additional charges. 10% discount applied when getting additional services at the time of your carpet cleaning.
  • How long will you be on site?
    Once you make your appointment and we have your location and the job order we can give you an estimated amount of time that will we will be at your home or business.
  • Do you work evenings or weekends?
    Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 to 5:00. In the case of an urgent or emergency job we will make an exception at our discretion for an additional fee.
  • Are your products safe for my pets?
    We understand how precious your family is to you, therefore we only use top of the line professional carpet cleaning products that are safe for your family members including your pets.
  • How long until my carpet is dry?
    With a traditional steam cleaning your carpet will typically be dry in 6 to 8 hours. For your maintenance encapsulation cleaning your carpet will typically be dry and 60 to 90 minutes.
  • How often should I get my carpets cleaned?
    We recommend every 6 to 12 months, although we are happy to help you come up with a plan that best suits your family.
  • Will you move my furniture?
    We ask that you have your furniture moved when we arrive to clean, and if you choose to leave your furniture in place we can clean around
  • Can I walk on my carpet?
    We recommend that you wait until your carpet is fully dry to move your furniture back onto it for best results.
  • Can you guarantee you will remove all spots/stains?
    Simply put, no. There are many varying factors when dealing with spots and or stains in your carpet. We will ask clarifying questions to know which products we should use, but we can't guarantee the results. With that being said our success rate at spot removal is roughly 97%
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, check, venmo, and credit or debit card. ( There is a 4% processing fee to run a card.)
  • When should I repair? When should I replace?
    Since every situation is different we take this case by case. We will ask you questions and have you send pictures and then we can make our professional recommendation.
  • Are you licensed and bonded?
    Yes, Raindrop Cleaning L.L.C. is licensed, fully insured, and bonded. We do this for our protection as well as yours. We are a clean that you can trust.
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