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  The Most Highly Reviewed Carpet  Cleaning Company in Yakima Washington  

Why Choose Raindrop Cleaning?

Raindrop cleaning is the husband and wife team of James and Renee Hughes. James has previous experience in janitorial services, including stripping and waxing floors. Renee has 13 plus years of residential and commercial cleaning experience in the Yakima Valley. Her experience also includes cleaning structures and contents exposed to fire and water damage.


James and Renee have continued to further their education in carpet care. They took a course in carpet cleaning through IICRC in 2018, and took courses in 2020 through Dyebold academy, as well as through Colorful Carpets to become certified carpet colorists. In 2021 James took an IICRC course in carpet repair and stretching.

Whether they're on or off the clock, Renee and James enjoy spending time together. They love to take weekend road trips whenever they have available time. They are a blended family with eight children and six grandchildren, and feel blessed to have their family here in the Yakima valley.

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