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Carpet Repair & Stretching

We are certified in 
Carpet Repair

Why Repair?

Save money by repairing rather than replacing your damaged carpet!


Whether you're dealing with stains, burns, tears, bleach spots, pet damage, fraying, failing seams, ripples or other issues... we can make it look and feel like it's new.


We are IICRC certified repair technicians.

Why Use Raindrop?

We take pride in bringing carpets back to life,  saving our customers money and keeping them from the stress of looking at unsightly damage because some things can't be covered up. 

We look forward to serving you! 

What We Offer

We are IICRC certified repair technicians, with the education and experience to help you restore your carpet instead of replacing it. 

We can repair, reweave, dye, clean, stretch and revitalize your carpet (and rugs, too). So let us take a look and give you an estimate. 

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We are certified in 
Carpet Stretching

Why Stretching?

Even while good quality carpet is built to withstand everything we throw at it! And that's a lot! It's still prone to stretch, shrink, disconnect from tack strips and get a little unsightly. And too often carpet is poorly installed and improperly stretched leaving you with ugly bumps and wrinkles, or worse. 

So it's not at all uncommon to need a proper stretch. 

Why Use Raindrop?

We combine extensive experience with the right tools for the job. We use power stretchers, where many installers still use knee kickers, and often fairly to get the proper stretch and fit, leaving you with rippling carpet after just a short time, especially with heavy use. 

What We Offer

We fix ripples, bumps and wrinkles with the right tools to make your carpet look and feel almost like new.


We can repair or replace tack strips and overcome improper installation or issues that come with aging.


We are certified in 
Carpet Dyeing


Why Carpet Dyeing?

Whether your carpet has experienced color loss or damage from UV light, stains, bleach spots, or pet stains, we can restore your carpet to look almost like new and make it last. 


What We Offer

We offer safe, simple and effective solutions for permanently eliminating your spots through dyeing. 

Why Use Raindrop?

We have invested a lot to become experts in dyeing, because we know if means so much to our customers to get their carpets back to looking like new. We have multiple carpet dyeing certifications through the DYEBOLD and Colorful Carpet academies. 

If you’d like more information about stretching and repair, get in touch today.

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